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Lounge under the stars

Open air terrace, surrounded by a luxuriant forest, where the fabulous and unique Tropicana shows take place. From 8.30 p.m. till dawn with a capacity up to 1000 peoples.

Living room glass arches

Roofed hall reproducing the Cuban shows take place on rainy days. This hall with air-conditioned and great comfort, is ideal for conventions, press conferences, fashion shows, concerts and dances, with a capacity of 500 peoples.

Café Rodney

Café Rodney, with the modern atmosphere of the 50's, is an immediately captivating bohemian spot. Varied offers and attractive prices, every day from noon to midnight with capacity up to 50 peoples.

Prices in CUP



Cuban style rice (White rice, fried egg)    150.00

Rodney” rice (pork,chicken,eggs)   350.00



vegetables salad  90.00

varied snacks  160.00

snacks with natural tomatoes) 60.00



croquettes   110.00

nutty chiken   280.00

Chickpea with ham and pork 250.00

Chicken Fajitas 450.00

creole soup 50.00

Breaded fich sticks 450.00




Grilled fish filet 500.00

Canciller fish filet 650.00

Fried shrimp 650.00

lobster   800.00

Sea and land fished, chicken breast and pork 1300.00



Grilled chiken breast 450.00

chicken breast with ham and cheese 650.00

Quail (roasted)    400.00

Roasted pork (slices) 600.00

Pork rib  580.00

Pork loin steak 600.00

Pork steak 600.00

Chopped  pork pieces 600.00 

Stewed beef 640.00         

All these combinations include rice and fresh vegetables salad.


White rice 90.00

Pilaf rice 90.00



Napolitan pizza 350.00

pork slices  pizza 500.00


vegetables 180.00

ham 180.00




Sandwich with an add (jam/cheese) 230.00

Double sandwich (jam/cheese) 300.00

uban sandwich(jam, cheesse, pork) 450.00

Cheese Burger 350.00



Homemade desserts  55.00

Arroz con leche

Mermelada de guayaba

Casquitos de guayaba

Dulce de piña

Bolitas de coco


Twin Ice cream    80.00

Spring Sundae  140.00



Agua Natural 1.5 LT       90.00

Agua Gaseada  330 ml       50.00

Agua Natural  500ml         50.00


Cuban soft drinks.

Cuban soft drink. 80.00.

Soda dispensed 20.00



Beer glass 90.00

imported beer 160.00               



Wine glass  170.00


Cubans Rums.


Havana Club 3 years 100.00

Havana club special 120.00

Havana Club 7 years old 170.00



Beefeater Gin 150.00



Chiva Regal 12 years old  450.00

Ballantines 300.00


Creams and liquors  

Coconut 55.00            

Cocoa 55.00                

Coffee  55.00

Curacao azul 55.00

Pinneaple 55.00


Cocteles clásicos cubanos / Cocktails

Ron Collins (Rum, lemon juice, sugar, mineral wáter with gas and ice) 180.00

Daiquiri (Rum, lemon juice, sugar, and Frapé ice and liquor.     180.00

El licor puede ser a elección (piña o coco)

Daiquiri Rebelde (Rum, lemon juice, sugar, and Frapé ice and mint liquor) 180.00


Tropicana special (Rum, lemon juice, sugar, frapé ice and  granadine liquor) 180.00

Mulata Havana 7 years rum, black cacao liquour,lemon juice,sugar and frappe ice.   180.00                         

Cuba Libre /Silver dry rum cola sofdrink, and ice) 180.00  

Cubata/ havana club 7 years aged, cola sofdrink and ice.180.00


International Cocktails.

Blue Lagoon ( Vodka,blue curazao and limonade)      180.00

Sangría/.(Red wine, lemon juice, sugar, Sparkling wáter and ice) 180.00.


Non Alcoholic Cocktails.

Lemonade 60.00

Lemonade 60.00

San Francisco (fruit juices and grenadine) 100.00


    Jugos/ juices

Natural juice.    60.00

Concentreted juice. 50.00





Express Coffee          50.00

American Coffee      75.00

Rocio rooster coffee (express, with rum and sugar.           150.00



Cold or hot tea.  50.00               


10% service charge is included in your bill.

Los Jardines Restaurant

The chords of the violin and piano, the moon filtering through the glass roof and an encompassing view of the surrounding park confirm the exoticism and sophistication of this luxurious restaurant set where Tropicana casino used to be. International cuisine, every day from 7:00 pm to 12 a.m with capacity to 100 peoples.