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Frequent Questions


What time should I be for dinner?

Dinner is served from 20:00h.

What time does the show start and what time should I arrive?

The show starts at 22 hrs, but you can reach Tropicana from 20:30 hr

How should you go dress?

The attire for men, women and youth should be formal and elegant. Long pants for men.

To what age is allowed entry?

Entry is allowed from 18 years.

If I want to attend the show, I can also dine?

The customer who has made a reservation to see the show, you can also dine if desired. To do Tropicana has a varied menu of haute cuisine and a reserve of wines and premium liquors.

What determines the difference in price offers to see the show?

The difference in the price of bids is mainly determined by the position in the room that the customer chooses.

Is there any activity after the Show?

A second time, from 11:15 at night, makes possible an exchange between the public who takes the lead and entertainers, dancers and musicians, to squander that joy contained and wishes to move your feet and hips to the rhythm of the Cuban music.

What is the theme of the new show?

Tropicana, Oh, Havana, is a waste of the unique mixture of elements of Cuban culture. Sones, proclamations, ballads, boleros, guajira and Spanish song, reflect the cultural diversity that characterizes Cuba and that the direction of the show combines balanced, with the presence of dances Afro-Cuban carefully nuanced eroticism.

Who is the director of the show?

The renowned director Armando Perez Sanchez, with absolute mastery runs the show Tropicana, Oh, Havana.