Cargando Imagen de Tropicana

Tropicana, Oh, Havana

Since the month of June 2015 is presented in the Cabaret Under the Stars, the Tropicana show, Oh, La Habana, a waste of the unique blend of the Cuban culture.

The sounds, the cries, ballads and boleros, not excluding guajiras, and the presence of the Spanish song, reflect the cultural diversity that characterizes the Caribbean island, and that the direction of the show was commissioned to combine balanced, with the presence of the dances carefully nuanced by the Afro-Cuban eroticism.

And the shows prepared for our customers, boast of mixing sensuality of the Caribbean with aesthetics, elegance and wit of the Cuban. Creole and "glamor" defined the aesthetics of our cast body language.

Through various tables where music and dance are hybridized, highlights the quality of the cast, composed of 12 singers, 12 dancers soloists, 60 dancers of the ballet, 45 extras, 6 acrobats a contortionist, an orchestra with 38 musicians, a folk group of 9 musicians and a choir of 14 singers, all under the direction of artistic director, Juan Armando Perez, Jimagua Tropicana.

The show closes with a flourish when a real carnival, makes dialogue through the rumba, clients and artists.