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The Sound of Champagne

It is almost a tradition in Tropicana, before beginning the show, incorporating a bottle of champagne to the tables, since nothing responds better to the effervescence of the spectacle than the bubbling of the bubbles. Immediately, the characteristic foam of this drink, as well as the exquisite smell that comes from it, will accompany you by raising the glasses in an act of joy, to begin with the first toast of the night. It accompanies the strong, ceremonial, possessive, sensual and incomparable Cuban rum to create the perfect blend of a night of daydreams. Among the reservations that the bodegas of this cabaret offer its clients, stands out a wide and varied range of national and international drinks. Accompany your evening, on stage and on your lips, with the memory of one of the most beautiful and famous cabarets in the world.


A team of haute cuisine chef, is responsible for directing the processing of products Tropicana offers exquisitely, to its customers.

From Creole food to the most refined dishes of international cuisine, tables are offered in three four holders for the enjoyment of the guests.

Under the direction of renowned chef Liuba Viera Vega, the chef Celia Garcia, Norberto Altunaga, Sara and Noel Castro Neyme Biset complement the team of personnel involved in the detailed preparation of dinners Tropicana: Living Under the Stars and the restaurant Los Jardines Coffee and Rodney.